Our History

Music producers, Gloria and Dewey Miers, have been instrumental in keeping the boots tappin’ and feet dancin’ to the tunes of Western Swing music for the past 25 years. The Legends of Western Swing Music Festival began in 1987 in Canton, Texas, with Gloria and Dewey on board in 1990. After a quick stop in Snyder, the festival moved and settled in Wichita Falls, Texas, in 1997. Since lawn chairs first circled the “stage wagon” 25 years ago, The Legends of Western Swing Music Festival has hosted the finest western swing bands in the country. Legendary musicians that played with Bob Wills himself, as well as new bands with a love for it and desire to keep the music alive, have graced the stage and kept the fans happy and dancin’. With a desire to save a music form that seemed to be in trouble, Gloria and Dewey worked with passion to keep it alive – thanks to the best fans in the world and shows such as The Legends of Western Swing Music Festival, the great State of Texas now boasts Western Swing as the official state’s music.

After Dewey passed away in 2000, Gloria became the sole producer of the show and Gloria Miers Productions was formed. Affectionately known as the “Grande Dame” of Western Swing, Gloria has grown the Festival to crowds in excess of 4,000 fans. She prides herself in bringing to her stage only the best musicians Western Swing has to offer and hosts fans from around the country, as well as England, Japan, Canada and Australia.

Gloria lives a blessed life in Plano, Texas, when her horse isn’t hitched to the wagon and on its way to promote her show…the trails all lead to Wichita Falls, the third weekend of every June.